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Nutrition Facts
Serving Size:  1 webpage
Servings Per Container:  about 136
Servings Since 96/03/27:  about 26256
Amount Per Serving  16557 bytes100% *
Carbohydrates  14811 bytes89.5% *
  text  1948 bytes11.8%
  graphics  11135 bytes67.3%
  audio/video  1728 bytes10.4%
  shareware  0 bytes0.0%
HTML Code  1746 bytes10.5% *
  fats  260 bytes1.6%
  protein  1083 bytes6.5%
  fiber  403 bytes2.4%
 * = less than 2% of DV.  Daily Values
  are based on a 2000 megabyte diet.
  Your daily values may be higher or
  lower depending on your caloric needs.
Ingredients:  100% organic whole natural ingredients, in season and in context... lovingly handcrafted hypertext, with essential images here and there, and the occasional hypercard stack and/or live web-app... compact and fast, low bandwidth and text-only- browser-friendly to support ecological sustainability throughout all levels of the internet food chain.
Guaranteed to contain absolutely no added colors, flavors, sweetening, thickeners, or preservatives, also including no hype, glitz, caffeine, subliminals, solvents, hormones, antibiotics, tranquilizers, or hydrogenated substances of any kind!
serving suggestion...
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