virtual city of the sun
sunshine way & arroyo road

    [turn left 90] [turn left 45] [go forward] [turn right 45] [turn right 90]    
  left   [west]   right

    flat persp   -   omni wrap hemi wide one   -   tiny small medium large huge mega    

other starting points of interest

front gate   -   community center   -   pyramid park

ted's buildings   -   sean's buildings   -   big arroyo

about virtual city of the sun

here are about 1000 photographs of city of the sun, all taken around high noon during april 2008, and space-ially related on these dynamically generated webpages.

i could've done this project very nicely with a high-res camera and quicktime-vr, but the skews, seams, gaps, and raw condition of these images very nicely invoke many real realities of the city of the sun in many dimensions, so i've let it be this way for now...

there are 8 viewing-directions around each location, and the compass shows your current heading.  click left or right on the compass, or click any view-frame to turn and face that direction.  click any "green doorway" to turn and move forward.

also notice the viewing options below the compass... for example, flat shows all view-frames at full width, hemi shows 180 degrees around you, small scales everything down to fit a smaller screen, or try large or huge if you have a bigger screen...

my home-made virtual webserver is part of netsofa, written in hypercard 241, running in mac os 755 on a very nice old 100% solar-powered powerbook 540.  (if the virtual server is down, please try again a little later :)

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