the next conference on
Permaculture & Sustainability in TerraSante Community

2010 October 3 Sunday from 6 to 8 pm, hosted by vansprouts metasofa summer camp
[solar pv's] [grove] [big frog] [garden] [solar ovens]

you're cordially invited to the next meeting on "permaculture & sustainability in greater terrasante".  this is a followup and continuation of two community permaculture meetings at jetana's, and the natural building seminar with ranjit from india, all about this time last year.

this next meeting is at chris v's summer campsite (lower-left on the map), beginning with an informal/potluck dinner at 6 pm, along with a short eco-tour of the campsite, which is also an off-grid sustainability demonstration project.  discussion will begin sometime during dinner, and can go as late as we want... 8 pm is just a guess.

for dinner, some organic vegan food & drink will be provided.  potluck contributions are optional, and will be much appreciated.  (but please don't bring alcohol or nicotine, thanks.)  do bring a flashlight for walking after dark, as not all paths are lit and the moon won't be up til late late.

you're also invited for vipassana meditation at david kohlberg's place, starting an hour earlier at 5 pm.  we'll be mindfully sitting & walking in silent meditation for about 50 minutes.  afterwards, it's a short walk from david's house to chris' campsite.

[tsconf1010.jpg 40k satellite map]

if you're driving (or flying :) in from tucson or elsewhere, there's parking anywhere along the north-south road to the 'haunted mobile' (upper-left on the map), or you can park at terrasante village (bruce's house) and walk across.  for a county-scale map & driving directions to terrasante, see

also see - metasofa summer camp - victoria's rebar dome - eco shelter - webliography