time traveller

...Aw come on, that's just a worn-out old science fiction plot."

  "but it's true!  that's why it's been used so often.  people are
always going back into the past to change something or invent some-
thing that will make the difference between everyday life taken-
for-granted versus the total extinction of never-having-existed!"

  "So are you telling me you're a time traveller?  Where's your
time machine?"

  "yes, but metaphysically, not physically.  i was really born in
1957, but i won't catch up to my familiar 'home time' until 2008.
all of this time period is very strange to me, if not downright
absurd!  just think how you would feel if suddenly you found your-
self in the 1920's & 30's."

  "It's all in your mind, you're just making it up as you go.  I
can't really believe you."

  "well maybe i do have a hyperactive imagination.  in any case, as
the years pass it sometimes seems as if i'm watching a movie of a
very large decrepit building being demolished, but the..."

  "Oh yeah, the decay of our corrupt civilization."

  "yes in a way, but to continue what i was saying: ...the film is
running in reverse so the building rises up from a vast seething
ocean of rubble, great clouds of dust return to fill the space
between bricks, glittering shards magically coalesce into clear
sheets of glass..."

  "How dramatic!"

  "well it's quite a relief to see things pulling together (it's
getting easier to breathe too).  and of course time is going forward,
and it's syntropy instead of entropy.  but it doesn't have to go that
way, you know, and it's not at all pre-destined.  people decide every
minute how the next minutes and years will turn out..."

  "I'm so sorry to interrupt, but I think we have a guest.  Probably
someone from eWorld here to read more about your work/play."

  "gadzukes, i think you're right!  hope they haven't been waiting
long.  this is probably already much longer than the 4k bytes i had

  "Yes, probably much longer."

  "well, hello there, dear reader!  isn't this global electronic
communications network the most wonderful invention since the number
zero?  i'd like you to meet my Automatic Mail Assistant, doing a
great job of helping me sort thru all this e-mail..."

  "Hello, nice to meet you."

  "would you like a cup of tea or something?  please pull up a chair
and make yourself comfortable.  here's what i really wanted to show
you, and i would very much appreciate your comments..."

  "Yes, please see the Metasofa Invitation.  You can get back to us
via eMail at the bottom of each page.  Thanks for visiting, and have
a pleasant time."

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