color test - stuff

the cool crazy cat jumps over the quick brown pedigreed
obedient fascist xenophobic schizophrenic longfanged hounddog *

 body bgcolor=#ffcc66 alink=#0000ff link=#000099 vlink=#000099 text=#006633
table bgcolor=#ffffdd font color=#...

                                ffffcc  ccffff  ffccff
                            ffff99      99ffff      ff99ff
                        ffff66          66ffff          ff66ff
                     ffff33             33ffff             ff33ff
                  ffff00                00ffff                ff00ff
ff00cc         ffcc00ccff00          00ffcc00ccff          cc00ffff00cc
 ff0099      ff9900    99ff00      00ff99    0099ff      9900ff    ff0099
  ff0066    ff6600      66ff00    00ff66      0066ff    6600ff      ff0066
    ff0033ff3300          33ff0000ff33          0033ff3300ff         ff0033
       ff0000                00ff00                0000ff
          cc0000             00cc00             0000cc
             990000          009900          000099
                 660000      006600      000066
                     330000  003300  000033

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