stuff - songs stories etc

vol 1 - before enlightenment GI/GO, after enlightenment WysiWyg *

pencil-vania song - now where'd i leave that ol' banjo?
smalltalk blues - brief genealogy of macintosh & hypercard
fon-spel toy - gadget for changing phone-numbers to words
hacking song - hacking the big machine...

go outside! - pick a direction, any direction...
summer 96 - how i spent my summer vacation
winter 96-7 - how i spent my winter vacation
eucalyptus song - a pagan eco-tourist calypso

b*mine - a zen-industrial digital valentine
nutrition facts - get out your diet calculator

vol 2 - good, fast, cheap, and nice? ...pick any three. *

emma p felione 99 - hot photo session!  [banned from aol]
emma & barb - very nice refrig-door photo  [suitable for all ages]
dances of universal cats - with cats of universal peace

metagame artists wildlife refuge - posted no empires
the trouble with coffee - a drinking song
nebuchadnezzar - another drinking song  [banned in gila nm]
amazing denial - yet another drinking song  [banned in gila nm]
got green-drink? - recipes from the metasofa community restaurant
          [in progress... meanwhile, see the metasofa food workshop]

you don't have to dream - suit yourself
whoopee ti yi yo dudes - a suburban cowboy lament
dumb parents song - dedicated to all my children  [banned from aol]
vacuum song - dedicated to all my allergies  [banned in gila nm]
poison box song - dedicated to all my friends' allergies  [banned everywhere]

labor day 99 - how i spent my labor day weekend  [still in progress]
sixty-three old computers - hi-tech trash-picking mantra

vol 3 - the cool crazy cat jumps over the quick brown pedigreed... *

teenage mutant nintendo tabbies 95 - wacky earthday song, for emma
uhaul gothic 2000 - barb & emma & chris & lots of stuff

mga news 2001 - chris van engine extraction, emma "dogfood" felione (draft)
duel timer - software gadget for games arguments co-counseling etc
agave joy - barbara anne & emma's holiday card

winter 2002 - how i spent my winter vacation  [still in progress]
mga news 2003 - chris "dogfood" vansprouts (draft), emma "dogfood" felione (final)
baxter's come-along - tales from the titanium cage  [still in progress]
dotmac spam attack - do control yourself, please!

the cool crazy cat  jumps over the quick brown pedigreed...
box of something - open if you dare  [banned in gila nm]

glide on fluoride - (not teflon)
virtual city of the sun - better than being there

vol 4 - meta metta - may all beings be well ! *

metasofa news 2004 - metta new year
metasofa community - proposal for support of transcendent creativity

meta metta - prayer for return of freedom & creativity in this world
balancing with nature - appropriate technology, demonstrated by chris vansprouts
cats against terrorisms - pacifist defense, demonstrated by the grey gatoleon brothers
dome cat - miss sassitti groks tensegrity

summer 2010 - my summer vacation at metasofa summer camp
a remedy for global economic desperation (2019) - anyone who's not J.O.B. today?

dumb parents song - reprise
get over it - advice for (or about) dinosaurs
waiting jam - a strange piece for strange times...
fire-water round - yet another drinking song?
sonoran desert valentines - for the cowgirls of my heart

remover of difficulties waltz - a soothing baha'i prayer for everyday use
allah'u'abha 95 times - baha'i prayer / zikr
blue bees - may there be bees on earth, and may bees be with you!

more meta metta in progress...

author - just a sprout like any other *

time traveller - wilma!!! get me off this crazy thing!

my old aol member profile :) ...and a rare old photo
day job at cv library - another rare photo

my card & inter-galactic voicemail
organic situation wanted - doesn't everyone?

invitation to the comfy metasofa

stuff - songs stories etc