solar noon calculator & time zone finder
 degrees –west or +east of greenwich
mean solar noon
longitude -107.75 degrees
107 deg 45 min west of greenwich

11:11:00     12:11:00     13:11:00     14:11:00
gmt-0800       gmt-0700       gmt-0600       gmt-0500

11:41:00     12:41:00     13:41:00
gmt-0730       gmt-0630       gmt-0530

local clock at solar noon
local clock & time zone

about solar noon calculator

due to geographical / political perturbations, your clock time may be very far from actual solar time... it might be daylight saving or summer time, or worse!

no need to sacrifice truth for reality... if you know your longitude, this web-widget will calculate clock time for mean solar noon at your location...

1  enter your longitude as decimal degrees –west or +east of greenwich, or degrees e/w minutes.  (for example, -107.75 or 107w45 is my location in new mexico, usa, north america)

2  on the calculator display, find your local clock time & time zone, and the solar noon time that goes with it.  (note: local clock is for approx reference only)

to get your longitude, consult your local astronomer or astrologer, an encyclopedia, atlas or ephemeris, the local weather report, or your gps.

longitudes for some places around the world...

Anchorage 149w53     Los Angeles 118w15     Mexico City 99w9

Toronto 79w20     Rio de Janeiro 43w17     Inverness 4w12     Paris 2e20

Cairo 31e15     Calcutta 88e21     Osaka 135e30     Wellington 174e47

one could also go outside, put a stick in the ground and trace the shadow to determine actual solar noon exactly, for that day :)

my home-made webserver is part of netsofa, written in hypercard 2.41, running in mac os 7.55i on a 100% solar-powered powerbook 540.  (if the netsofa server is down, please try again around noon gmt-0700 :)

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