remover of difficulties waltz

"is there any remover of difficulties save god?
  say - praised be god!  he is god, she is god,
      all are his servants, and all abide by her bidding."

                          - adapted from the baha'i prayer

world - remover-of-difficulties-world-cv.mp3  (audio 192kb/s 4.2mb)  3:00
          remover-of-difficulties-world-cv.m4a  (audio 468kb/s 10mb)  3:00

waltz - remover-of-difficulties-waltz-cv.mp3  (audio 192kb/s 3.3mb)  2:24

song - remover-of-difficulties-song-cv.mp3  (audio 1mb)  0:43

the lyrics are slightly adapted from the well-known baha'i prayer "remover of difficulties" by the bab (1800's) and translated by shogi effendi (1900's)

the music is a vocal round in an easy steady waltz...

    the short song (last track above) is for learning one part

    in the waltz (second track), the whole prayer can be sung 3 times by each voice in a three-part round, for a total of 9 times

    the "world" version (first track) is lively and more complex, repeating & layering only the original song (no other music!) to accommodate up to six vocal parts

( thanks to members of "in the spirit" for encouragement and forgiveness :)

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