go outside !

leave the computer for a moment
  (it's ok to leave it turned on)

go outside                                <----------------------
if it's light out, look at everything                            |
   look at close little things                                   |
   look at big far-away things                                   |
   if there aren't any big far-away things, go outside again --->
   if there still aren't any big far-away things,                |
      wait until it's dark out, and go outside again ----------->
if it's dark out, look at the sky                                |
   look at the stars                                             |
   there should be billions of them.                             |
   if there aren't any stars,                                    |
      if there is a roof over your head, go outside again ------>
      if it's cloudy, watch the grey sky as it changes...

   if there are only a few stars,
      if the moon is up,
         watch the moon as it arcs slowly across the sky...
         watch the pavement and the streetlights,
         and walk until you can see billions of stars...
           (it may take many days and nights)
           (you can come back and get your computer later)

let your mind wander

after a while,
   come back to your computer and send me e-mail
   about what you found.

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