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nutrition facts
pencil-vania song
metasofa transcendent movie index

  Google - to search the internet...

  Wikipedia - and everything else!

  Internet Movie Database - hyperlinked movie & tv info

  Project Gutenberg - online classic books free download

  Electronic Frontier Foundation - if you want to know just who owns this here internet, anyway...  and btw, did you read the manual ?
  Junkbusters - you can be tracked by your mouse-clicks!

ecotech shelter
greenhouse tensegrity dome 98
small workshop domes
rebar dome
dome cat
whoopee ti yi yo dudes

  Buckminster Fuller Institute - how to do more with less, way more with way less, and without any politicians either!
        - Roam Home to a Dome - in a transcript of Bucky's "Everything I Know" sessions

  KEPF Natural Building Seminar - design workshops for low-cost natural building in Tucson Arizona and Bihar India, with Ranjit Sinha

metasofa artists workshops
consensus timers
duel timer

  Re-evaluation Co-counseling - how to reclaim the "inherent human"
        - how to start - what to do - support groups - the art of listening - 28 postulates

ecotech software
consensus timers
duel timer
fon-spel toy

  Apple Computer - get a mac !

  Info-Mac HyperArchive - searchable info-mac shareware

metasofa lunar calendar
solar noon calculator

  US Naval Observatory - Astronomical Applications Dept
        - earth's seasons - phases of the moon
  NOAA Sunrise/Sunset Calculator - with exact solar noon, for any day of the year

  USNO Time Service - at the click, Universal Time will be...

  NASA Eclipse Web Site - where have all the druids gone? :)

dances of universal peace - pittsburgh 2000
cats of universal peace

  PeaceWorks - International Network for the Dances of Universal Peace
        - find dances - sufi dance meetings & contact people, listed geographically

stuff vol 1

  "GI/GO" - an old programmer's adage, "garbage in, garbage out"
  "WysiWyg" - new programmer's adage, "what you see is what you get"

how i spent my winter vacation 96-7

  Aldous Huxley's "Island" - notes & quotes from the book
  Gnosis Magazine - exploration of western esoteric paths
  Noetic Sciences - scientific metaphysical research

stuff vol 2

  "Good, fast, cheap - pick any two." - also from the engineering tradition, for reality-training of new clients

stuff vol 3
color test

  "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" - contains all 26 letters of the english alphabet, a test-phrase in typesetting & font design, and telecommunications

stuff vol 4
meta metta

  "metta" - loving kindness, traditional buddhist practice to develop compassion for all sentient beings

stuff author

  "just a man like any other" - gender-biased expression of humility - search internet movie database for wise old "kung fu" tv series :)

  "van sprouts" - name given to me in 1984 by an 11-year-old living master from davis california who thought i needed work on my sense of humor...  (i'm still working on it ;)

( more notes & links in progress... )
vansprouts webliography
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