hyperdiva - macintosh sings with harmonic+phonemic precision!

hyperdiva drives the apple macintalk3 text-to-speech synthesizer in a precise harmonic+phonetic mode.  the hyperdiva stack runs with hypercard or hypercard player 2.41 in mac-os 7.55 thru 9.22 (but not in mac-os x classic, due to bugs in both PHON and TUNE modes of the mac-os x speech synthesizer).

for example, below is the first published version of "meta metta" (2004), a quicktime movie showing my original ipa phonetic input text, which hyperdiva translates into the following code to drive the macintalk3 speech synthesizer... (notice the fractional midi notes and absolute zero modulation needed for perfect harmonics)

"meta metta tantra mantra, doobee-ooobee sophia sufi,
      halleluia allahuya, kyrie yahweh allah om..."
                  - traditional metasofa zikr

metametta1-audio-cv.mp3  (audio 716k)
metametta1.mov  (original quicktime movie 554k  45sec)

meta metta 49 harmonic voices are tuned to sing in comparison with a tempered a-440 duodecatonic in g-mixolydian...

-- meta metta 49 om (root/2nd harmonic)

2 oooo ooooo oooooo uuuu uuuuu mmmmmm

[[inpt PHON;pmod 0]][[pbas 43]]>>>>>>OW>>>>>>>>OW>>>>>>>>>>OW>>>>>>UW>>>>>>>>UW>>>>>>>>>>m

-- meta metta 49 bass (5th/10th harmonic)

10 mɛta mɛt ta 9 tɑntrɑ 10 mɑntrɑ
8 du bi u bi 7 sofi 8 sufii
9 haal ɛɛl lu yɑ 8 ɑl ɑ 9 hu yɑ
10 kir i 9 yɑ 8 we 7 ɑl ɑ 8 oommmmmm

[[inpt PHON;pmod 0]][[pbas 46.863]]mEHtAEmEHttAE[[pbas 45.039]]tAAntrAA[[pbas 46.863]]mAAntrAA[[pbas 43]]dUWbIYUWbIY[[pbas 40.688]]sOWfIY[[pbas 43]]sUWf>>IY[[pbas 45.039]]h>>AEl>>EHllUWyAA[[pbas 43]]AAlAA[[pbas 45.039]]hUWyAA[[pbas 46.863]]<<<<kIYrIY[[pbas 45.039]]yAA[[pbas 43]]wEY[[pbas 40.688]]AAlAA[[pbas 43]]OWh>>>>>>>>>>m

-- meta metta 49 tenor (6th/12th harmonic)

12 mɛta mɛt ta 11 tɑn 12 trɑ 11 ɑ 10 mɑn 9 trɑ
10 du bi u bi 9 so 10 fi 9 a 8 su 7 fii
9 haal ɛɛl 8 lu 7 yɑ 6 ɑl ɑ 7 hu 8 yɑ
10 kir 9 i 8 yɑ 7 we 6 ɑl 7 ɑ 8 ohmmmmmm

[[inpt PHON;pmod 0]][[pbas 50.02]]mEHtAEmEHttAE[[pbas 48.513]]tAAn[[pbas 50.02]]tr<AA[[pbas 48.513]]AA[[pbas 46.863]]mAAn[[pbas 45.039]]trAA[[pbas 46.863]]dUWbIYUWbIY[[pbas 45.039]]sOW[[pbas 46.863]]f<IY[[pbas 45.039]]AE[[pbas 43]]sUW[[pbas 40.688]]f>>IY[[pbas 45.039]]h>>AEl>>EHl[[pbas 43]]lUW[[pbas 40.688]]yAA[[pbas 38.02]]AAlAA[[pbas 40.688]]hUW[[pbas 43]]yAA[[pbas 46.863]]<<<<kIYr[[pbas 45.039]]IY[[pbas 43]]yAA[[pbas 40.688]]wEY[[pbas 38.02]]AAl[[pbas 40.688]]AA[[pbas 43]]OWh>>>>>>>>>>m

for an (unexpected) experience of perfect harmony,
play these looping tracks at various intervals,
and let all sing together...

also hear - an epic production of meta metta at comfy.metasofa.org :)