hacking   (tune: "playing in the band" with
profound apologies to robert hunter & the grateful dead)

some folks trust in windows, others trust in mac,
i don't trust in nothing and i want my money back!
people inside a machine could always use more slack,
when it's done and over, a hack is just a hack.

  hacking... way into this machine
  daybreak... i've been up all night again

some folks download shareware, others would hack your keys,
some folks surf the net when there's nothing on tv.
i can tell your future, just look behind your screen,
but i can't stop for nothing 'cause i'm hacking the big machine.

  hacking... way into the machine
  daybreak... been up all night again

gliding at the speed of light, a whole world on a laser-disk,
you just keep a-dreaming while i grind and hack some more to fit.
give that man a cd-rom, believes it's all illusion, yet
ready to have me arrested for hacking the ascii character-set!

  hacking... hacking out a new machine
  daybreak... we've been up all night again

(may be sung in 8/8 instead of the original 10/8, if you're inside a machine)
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