duel timer

duel timer 2.02 by chris vansprouts (2002 feb 2)              
copyright (c)1993,1997,2002 vansprouts, all rights reserved.
          shareware, non-commercial distribution only.  see context

[dueltimer.gif 4k screenshot]

duel timer is a dual kitchen timer for having an argument with someone.  let's both people see who's talking the most, with overtime reminders about arguing all day with someone who always talks and never listens ;-)

how to use
click either timer or hit spacebar to pass the talking stick
click anywhere else or hit tab for nobody (same as pause)
turn counters - time remaining in this turn
total counters - accumulated total time
duel counters - time remaining in duel
!beep popup - select overtime alarm  (for notification, duel timer must be the front hypercard stack, or consensus timers must be running)
turn popup - select max time for turns
total popup - command menu
  switch - to other person, same as spacebar or clicking timer
  pause - same as tab or clicking not on a timer
  undo - oops (undo's last diff or reset)
  diff - zero smaller timer, leave diff on other
  reset - zero both timers
duel popup - select total time for duel (each person gets half)
?who help menu
  presets - combinations of duel, turn, & beep options
  names - set timer names
  about - hi there!
click hypertext to jump around this text, click whitespace returns to timer
drag this text up/down directly with the mouse (velocity scrolling(tm) - uif of the future - pay attention everyone!)

duel timer is dedicated to ms renee partridge & mrs emma p felione, and co-counselors everywhere!
more thanks to the people of apple computer for macintosh & hypercard, and to the smalltalk people before them.  i'm still using hypercard.
duel timer copyright ©1993,1997,2002 chris vansprouts, all rights reserved.  permission granted for non-commercial distribution only.  copies must be accurate and complete.  any other distribution or use requires prior permission in writing from the author.  email vansprouts at mac dot com.
duel timer is shareware - please buy a license if this software is valuable to you in any way.  i dare you.  hyper-hackers, see the bkgnd script
single user license $5 suggested.  if you like my work, please help any way you like (also see metasofa invitation).  commercial & site licenses
negotiable, email vansprouts at mac dot com.  thank you.
online services and user groups may include this work in your software libraries in exchange for full membership privileges.  sign me up as "vansprouts" and notify me at vansprouts at mac dot comfree public archives please drop me a note if i don't already know.  thanks everyone.
shareware publishers must buy a single user license at $5 and give me a copy of each edition/version of the publication(s) which include my work.  if you actually make a profit, you should buy more user licenses (from everyone).  email vansprouts at mac dot com to get my current shipping address.  thanks.
no warranty no liability - this software is provided "as-is" for you to use at your own risk.  and don't blame me if you can't win an argument with it.

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duel timer
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