consensus timers - abstract from the info-mac archives

Date: 1997 Jul 7 Mon 17:21 EDT
Subject: consensus timers 2.03 hc, alarms / scheduler in hypercard
File: info-mac/app/time/consensus-timers-203-hc.hqx (73k)

[cstimers.gif 23k screenshot]

the enclosed timer application, consensus timers, was originally an alternative to juggling handfuls of digital kitchen timers.  now improved and fully documented, it includes drag-able progress bars and supports any number of timers running simultaneously.

easy to use, reliable, and unobtrusive in busy and distracting situations, consensus timers can run in background behind other HyperCard stacks and Mac applications.  active timers measure real-world elapsed time accurately, even if you quit HyperCard or shutdown and restart.  each timer can range from seconds to many years, with optional auto-total / distribution of subtimers for planning and scheduling.  reminder alarms may also be set by scripts in other stacks.  for more details see the read-me text, and the stacks include template cards and full documentation in hypertext.

this is shareware, inexpensive, small, just plain HyperCard, yet professionally produced and of commercial quality.  imho, it's an impressive example of HyperCard's capabilities, and you're welcome to read my HyperTalk source code (more than 80k).  consensus timers is fully functional (not a demo), and needs no special installation.  i hope people will try it and find it useful.

about consensus shareware - from the consensus timers stack...

consensus timers is the first in a collection of tools for cooperative community planning and business meetings.

future consensus shareware tools, designed to assist communities of 2 to 100 people with fully collaborative budget planning, job scheduling, etc, will provide a level of ease, efficiency, accuracy, clarity, honesty, co-operation, true consensus and omni-responsibility heretofore unimaginable.

consensus shareware will support groups of people on networks of computer workstations, together in the same conference rooms, and at remote locations (in some ways similar to realtime multi-player network games, but of course this software is only for serious work...  :)

consensus timers
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