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food co-op at city of the sun
    email announcement - invoice example - accounts summary

Date: 2006 Nov 22 Wed 15:34 MST
From: Vansprouts FBC <vansprouts at mac dot com>
Subject: Food Co-op at City of the Sun

-----  Food Co-op at City of the Sun  -----

  To create & maintain a local distribution point
  for buying natural & organic foods in Columbus,
  with possible expansion into a storefront,
  commercial kitchen, cafe, etc

To get things started, we have a delivery from Tucson
Cooperative Warehouse to City of the Sun every 4 weeks.
December will be our 6th order from TCW... See below for
how to order, and current status.

For more choices and lower prices, we'll also be doing
business with other distributors & wholesalers when our
volume is high enough.  If you have suggestions or requests,
please email <vansprouts at mac dot com> with subject "food co-op".

Thank you for helping make this happen here!

chris vansprouts

-----  How To Order  -----

1  Choose your items from the TCW catalog.
2  Send your list & receive invoice by email.
3  Verify & pay before the order deadline.
4  Pick up your items at COS Community Center.

Detailed instructions & notes:

TCW catalog price + 10% covers -all- costs.  There is
no minimum order, no charge per person, but orders must
be submitted by email to keep overhead low.  If you have
no email, you may combine orders with someone who does -
there's no extra cost.

1   Choose your items from the TCW catalog.  All you need to
list is the item# and quantity for each item.

Current TCW catalog is available at the COS Community Center,
or download from  (cos network)  (about 2Mb)

2   Send an email to <vansprouts at mac dot com> with subject "co-op order".
Put your list in the message, one item per line, like this:

   item#  quantity  [description optional]

    2308  1  brown rice org lundberg 2# bag
    1677  2  cider vinegar raw org 32oz bottle
   18892  1  dr bronners peppermint soap 32oz bottle

3   I will reply with a completed invoice for your verification.
If it is correct, please print it, and bring it to me with cash
before the order deadline.  If it is not correct, just email
the order again (corrected), and i will return a new invoice.

To cancel the order, send email with subject "co-op cancel".
See below for more options.

You may update & re-submit your order at any time, and as many
times as you like, until the order deadline.

4   On the pickup date, usually about 4pm on a Saturday, please
pick up your order at City of the Sun Community Center.

If any of this is inconvenient for you, other arrangements may
be possible... please inquire.

-----  Status Summary  -----

Invoice subtotal for our co-op (1 order) is now $ 112.56
(if we're under $300, we'll have to try again next month)

Order & payment deadline this month is December 2 Sat 11:59pm.
Pick up at City of the Sun Community Center, Dec 9 Sat 4pm.

Send email to <vansprouts at mac dot com> with subject:
  co-op status   -  get current status summary (1k)
  co-op invoice  -  get a copy of your current invoice
  co-op cancel   -  cancel your order completely
  co-op order    -  submit a new (or corrected) order
  co-op quote    -  submit a hypothetical order
  co-op find     -  find items & sort by unit price
  co-op info     -  get info & how to order (4k)
  co-op          -  miscellaneous questions etc

thank you!
chris vansprouts

copyright (c)2006 vansprouts, updated 06/11/22