blue bees - world bees
may there be bees on earth, and may bees be with you !
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  bites     abelha     zuma     അന്തോഫില     mehiläiset     蜂族     벌(곤충)     bin     мӱкш     mesilased     mehiläiset     madhmakkhi     âf     bei     મધમાખી     lebah     seillean     накхармозий     تُلٕر     ᐋᒨ     bēo         beach     čebele     пчёлы     bitės     abella     bijen     včela         בין     bi     آری     khmum     пчолы     albină     bee     μέλισσα     berorî     аралар     mamuraya     iem     ma     मधुमक्षिका     immen     pszczołokształtne     ハチ     mezjäižed     gwenynen     immen     ਭੌਰਾ     мушъёс     ɣveb     бал-ҡорттары     ფუტკრები     gwenan     зөг     пчели     مکا     alghinâ     mehiläine     жабайы-ара     tantely     مکا     ھەنگ     ንብ     найрду     gwenan     སྦྲང་མ།     蜂族     abeille     mêşhingiv     bi     ܕܒܫܬܐ     bier     anyi     manu-meri     mehiläine     bi     anthophila     мушъёс     méhek     bízba     tawon     xicohtli     nyuki     སྦྲང་མ།     דבורים     մեղուներ     bi     amu  
    blue-bees-cv.mp3  (audio 192kb/s 3.7mb)  2:40
    blue-bees-cv.m4a  (audio 463kb/s 8.8mb)  2:40
about blue bees

"blue bees" is a multi-purpose sound piece, depending on your listening volume and eq-filters.   possible music genres - art, alternative, blues, easy listening, electronic, industrial, meditative, new age, religious, soundtrack, techno, trance :)

[bee-flower-wikip.jpg 12k] it's only 2 minutes 40 secs, but good for looping...   at low volume it may help detoxify humming computers, fans, refrigerators, cars, street noise etc.   or play / remix as a harmonic drone for jamming, improv, busy-ness, relaxation or meditation...

technical notes

"blue bees" is a short attempt to capture the ambience of a many-hours-of-fun jam session, playing live and improvising with some of the digital instruments & filters in apple garageband.

[bee-dance-wikip.png 12k] here's an outline of the audio signal path for this piece,

    - 3 parallel tracks of triangle-ramp-wave generators (aka "strings")
    - played as midi-notes thru digital filters & phasers (the bees)
    - in a long echo delay-line with regenerative feedback (the beehive)
    - final output mix and eq

copyright & free remix license for blue bees

copyright (c) 2018, all rights reserved.  made with garageband, thanks apple!

[bee-goddess-wikip.jpg 10k] creative commons (cc) by-nc-nd - attribution "" - only non-commercial use & distribution - no derivatives, translations, conversions, or modifications.

the "blue bees" sound files may be freely included in other non-commercial works or performances as musical instrument samples (for example by looping, mixing etc), but with no modification to the original audio data or this license.

  abelo     nôse     milugiaq     pszczołokształtne     erle     аралар     умарта-кортлары     abeya     biele     tantely     nyuchi     kzumx     phûng-é     anthophila     аралар     abelha     shellan     háhnoma     kannisa     bij     gwenynen     ფუტკრები     ハナバチ     čelă     byn     tawon     kích'i     bēo     ឃ្មុំ     wadulisi     пчёлы     벌(곤충)     nəb     bin     μέλισσα     abeya     בין     nyuki     ef     pčele     ary     âf     نحل     abella     inzuki     накхармозий     nyuchi     immen     kumburuŋo     балт-зөгий     накхармозий     byn     mezjäižed     ھەنگ     bee     býflugur     ha'rre     včela     bier     uyokan     nyuki     زنبور     ɣveb     зүгы     kòkòrò-oyin     അന്തോഫില     amo-ka-wapisitc     bei     ܕܒܫܬܐ     бжьэ     ንብ     abelha     ma     пчели     pomosuon     tsísʼná     âf     пчели         בין     דבורים     ハチ     bi     ماز     пчели     lebah     бал-ҡорттары     bijen     abelha     蜂系     phûng-é  
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