vansprouts web chronolog
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ancient history 1996-98

96/03/27 created vansprouts web -, copyright, invitation, organic, notes, links, and updates to all pages for better consistency among different web browsers (& 3/29)

96/03/31 re-organized, forked web & ftp directories -, invitation moved, organic moved,, 00readme.txt, and minor updates to all pages

96/05/04-10 lots of new stuff - stuff, ftp/fon-spel, pencil-vania song, smalltalk blues, hacking song, aol member profile, vansprouts photo, go outside, notes, nutrition facts, new/history, hypermap, ftp/welcome.txt, and minor updates to other pages (& 5/21, 5/30)

96/07/23 new sproutstuff mainly - how i spent my summer vacation, some fon-spel notes, improved vansprouts photo -- and a mondo new home-page & van icon, more accurate visitor-counter, and minor updates to other pages (& 8/22, 9/19)

96/10/03 moved entire vansprouts web site to, but no big deal - still takes you there, and e-mail is still vansprouts at aol dot com [not!]

97/01/28, 2/11, 3/12 new improved stuff and ftp catalogs, new eucalyptus song & b*mine valentine, vastly more descriptive organic situation wanted and more quantitative Nutrition Facts, slightly improved visitor-counter, a few new outside links for mac software, cleaned up a bit for the robot-spiders, and other minor updates (& 3/24)

97/04/21 new verbage: how i spent my winter vacation & time traveller, more links to other web sites (including the Tycho Master Clock), and a knockout new color scheme for all my pages (did you notice? and no, i'm not color-blind from browsing the web... yet! :-)

97/07/05 new consensus timers software (also see ftp)

98/02/28, 3/21, 4/02 i've been busy elsewhere, so only minor improvements here: new consensus timers abstract (from info-mac), better ftp & ftp dir catalogs, a kewl update for the b*mine valentine, also ruthlessly removed much gratuitous humor, especially overly subtle criticisms of <HyperText Markup Language> & the WWW in general (eg, the visitor-counter has been consumed by Nutrition Facts and, oh yeah, moved the entire the vansprouts web site back to where it once belonged ;-)

98/06/21~ future sooner/later (i think i can tell you for sure) - more true stories about my work/play, more ftp stuff especially hypercard stacks, and someday maybe a few graphics just for fun...

a minor note about shareware - hey people, there's plenty more where this comes from, if you support the shareware authors and other self-publishing artists who have contributed to the quality of your life.  otherwise it may be back to work... for the highest bidder $-( ...instead of for you :-)

old web log 1999-2008

99/03/17 new metagame artists info pages, including a northern hemisphere roman-to-lunar-conversion calendar for 1999... moved vansproutstuff vol 1 from vansprouts/web to vansprouts/stuff, and be sure to read the Y2K disclaimer in about this website!

99/04/18 new schedule for metagame artists workshops

99/05/15 two new pages: design for a metagame artists community, and notes on last summer's geodesic greenhouse project (with a big color photo!)... major additions/revisions to metagame artists stuff and workshops info

99/09/01 new pages: the metagame artists transcendent movie index and a virtual refrigerator door covered with stuff we've made at the workshops (stuck on with little virtual refrigerator magnets)... also added some quotes and changes to mg artists workshops info and posted the new mg artists workshop schedule for the fall/winter

00/05/10 this could be as glitzy as it gets!
- new improved user-interface illusion - a navigation bar across the top of every page with home-made icons & backgrounds for each of the major sections, and tiny file icons for text, music, photos, software, etc
- new ecotech department with cross-refs to related items in stuff
- new stuff songs - whoopee ti yi yo dudes, you don't have to dream, vacuum song, the trouble with coffee, nebuchadnezzar, amazing denial, 63 old computers
- new refrig stuff - photo of emma & barb, cats of universal peace, mg artists quotes, and pages for mga workshop pics hydra, atoms, a bush, welcome to la, critters, lola & willy, and the mga wildlife refuge
- updated mg artists workshops info - added the food workshop, moved quotes to its own page.
- misc updates to organic situation wanted and vansprouts ftp

03/09/15 moved entire vansprouts website to (aka dotmac) - goodbye aol!!!
- organized even more simply & concisely, with improved page format
- new best of vansprouts web index :)
- new lunar calendar 2002-2003 (more later)
- new refrigerator door... (the old 2000 refrig door is still here too)
- our beloved metagame artists still exist, now engulfed by a larger concept...
- the comfy metasofa!  (see if you can guess what it is ;)
- metasofa community design and invitation have been seriously revised
- the artists workshops, transcendent movies, etc hopefully will return someday...
- my old shareware is temporarily in limbo while getting updated - back online soon, along with a few new items...

04/03/02 here's some new-old stuff, including music/sound which was too big for the old aol website... also, i've been figuring out how to use tables, and i've put in some color, but i promise i will never specify fonts! :) [i lied] ...& 05/06 adjusted colors on all pages, using an apple monitor (don't ask!)
- new stuff vol 3 - teenage mutant nintendo tabbies, uhaul gothic 2000, barbaranne's agave joy, metasofa news 2003, dotmac spam attack, color test, box of something
- new stuff vol 4 - metasofa news 2004, meta metta
- new lunar calendar pages - 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
- new improved webliography, and screenshots for consensus timers and fon-spel shareware

07/10/06 new lunar calendar pages - 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

07/10/10 new vansprouts projects at cos department
- cos community internet, food co-op, wild west end, laguna encantada, and more!

07/12/21 new vansprouts media art department
- livfoods brochure & website, a night in the tropics, pancho villa, my card & voicemail

07/12/31 new refrig door & stuff vol 4 stuff
- balancing with nature, cats against terrorisms, day job at cv library

new web log 2009-

09/05/03 new lunar calendar pages - 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

09/05/28 new domain name - !
09/06/18 new dedicated website for the comfy metasofa and virtual refrigerator door !

09/09/09 new version of the meta metta mantra and updated hyperdiva docs
09/09/13 moved the lunar calendar from ecotech to

09/10/30 updated & moved most of vansprouts web from to (aka
- also added to my media art portfolio... cats against terrorisms, website for terrasante ecovillage, the comfy metasofa school & website, and atoms from the metasofa artists workshops

09/12/06 new geodesic dome pages - rebar dome design, small workshop domes, and dome cat

10/09/23 there's now a comfy sofa on the metasofa front page !
- improved lunar calendar navigation and added 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
- moved the complete best of vansprouts web from this page to vansprouts home

10/09/28 new pages - how i spent my summer vacation 2010, and victoria's rebar dome (added more photos 10/10/05 & 17)

11/06/07 new - design for an online community currency & credit clearing co-op

to do... in progress

- stuff vol 4 - more meta metta
- ecotech software - renovations & some new shareware
- ecotech food & shelter - got green-drink?, more dome photos, etc
- another batch of metasofa transcendent movies
- more links to arts, ecotech, community, hypercard, etc

vansprouts web chronolog
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