Date:  2019 Aug 30 Fri 18:24 -0700  (scheduler updated sep 6 fri 17:45)
From:  Tucson Timetraders Timebank <>
Subject:  September Equal-Hours Equinox Potluck - planning

Dear Timebank Co-ordinators, Educators, Leaders, Facilitators, Members, and Friends,

We're looking forward to the next Tucson Timebank community potluck around the equinox in September...

If you're interested in helping choose the date & location for this meeting, please reply to this email and say which of the alternatives listed below are possible for you.

chris vansprouts

Help schedule our next Tucson Timebank community meeting & potluck!

  Please email, and say which of the following dates & locations are possible for you, and which ones are best*

  We'll keep this webpage updated with everyone's preferences, so we can all see the latest here -

  If you want to update your preferences at any time, just email again...  (in the near future, timebank members will be able to edit the scheduler directly, instead of emailing)

  Soon after Tuesday September 3rd, we'll make a decision on the date & location for this potluck, and send out a newsletter.

Possible Dates for this September Equal-Hours Equinox Potluck  updated sep 6 fri 17:45 with 9 people

  Sep 18 Wed evening 6-8pm  -  chris* kacie* winona  **2
  Sep 19 Thu evening 6-8pm  -  chris* ethel gene kacie*  **2
  Sep 20 Fri evening 6-8pm 

  Sep 21 Sat morning 10am-noon  -  allen* kelley* winona* chris*  ****4
  Sep 21 Sat afternoon 2-4pm  -  chris* ethel gene winona* michael*  ***3
  Sep 21 Sat evening 6-8pm  -  chris ethel gene 

  Sep 22 Sun morning 10am-noon  -  kelley* winona*  **2
  Sep 22 Sun afternoon 2-4pm  -  ethel* gene* kelley* winona* chris*  *****5
  Sep 22 Sun evening 6-8pm  -  ethel gene kelley*  *1

  Sep 23 Mon evening 6-8pm  -  chris* steve*  **2
  Sep 24 Tue evening 6-8pm 

Possible Locations

  Himmel Park / Library - Treat Av near Speedway & Tucson Blvd  -  chris allen* kelley winona  *1
  Woods Library - First Av near Prince  -  chris kelley winona

  Winona's home - Lee Street near Sixth Av & Speedway  -  chris* kelley winona* michael*  ***3
  Ethel & Gene's home - East Speedway near Pantano  -  chris* ethel* gene* kelley* winona*  *****5


  Don't worry if a date or location looks un-popular, that might change if you mark it :)

  Thanks for saying everything possible for you, not only one best choice.  This will open more possibilities for everyone else too, and you can change your choices at any time.  (these aren't votes, just an open survey for everyone's information)

  If none of these dates or locations works for you, please let us know what would be good.  Smaller orientation meetings can be arranged as necessary, and also see more future meetings below on the scheduler webpage.

  Other ideas or offers for meeting locations are welcome... (typically around 5 to 10 people show up)

  Everyone gets 1 hour of timebank credit for attending an orientation potluck, and hosts & helpers get additional time credit for setup & cleanup.

and looking ahead to future meetings...

  Here are the next two regular community meetings, our timebank's 8th birthday (November 2019), and Spring Equinox 2020.  Other meetings may be scheduled as well.

Possible Dates for Tucson Timetraders 8th Birthday / Thanksgiving Potluck  updated sep 5 thu 15:46

  Nov 28 Thu evening 6-8pm  -  ethel gene 
  Nov 29 Fri evening 6-8pm 

  Nov 30 Sat morning 10am-noon 
  Nov 30 Sat afternoon 2-4pm 
  Nov 30 Sat evening 6-8pm 

  Dec 1 Sun morning 10am-noon 
  Dec 1 Sun afternoon 2-4pm 
  Dec 1 Sun evening 6-8pm 

  Dec 2 Mon evening 6-8pm 
  Dec 3 Tue evening 6-8pm  -  ethel* gene* 
  Dec 4 Wed evening 6-8pm 

Possible Dates for March 2020 Equal-Hours Equinox Potluck  updated sep 5 thu 15:46

  March 14 Sat morning 10am-noon 
  March 14 Sat afternoon 2-4pm  -  ethel* gene* 
  March 14 Sat evening 6-8pm 

  March 15 Sun morning 10am-noon 
  March 15 Sun afternoon 2-4pm  -  ethel gene 
  March 15 Sun evening 6-8pm 

  March 16 Mon evening 6-8pm 
  March 17 Tue evening 6-8pm 
  March 18 Wed evening 6-8pm 
  March 19 Thu evening 6-8pm  -  ethel gene 

Tucson Time Traders -

   "We have what we need, if we use what we have."  - Edgar Cahn (tb-kc)

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