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Main Topic Areas and Related Tags in the TB-KC Library
tb-toolkit   -  Timebank Toolkit   -  how-to articles
tb-resource  -  Resource Directory   -  links to orgs / websites
tb-document  -  Document Library   -  files to view / download
Within the Timebank Knowledge Commons, toolkit articles, resource links, and library documents are organized and cross-linked using tb-tags and keywords, which are freely grouped into the main topic areas below.  This method allows for flexible and adaptable cataloging, and helps you quickly find items of interest by clicking tags and keywords on the search page or in the topic catalog below.

Click any tb-tag or keyword link to view a list of related resources and documents.  Items in the found documents may contain other tags and keywords, thus connecting you with further related items.  The most frequently used tags and keywords are hilited in the list below.

On the search page, you may continue adding tags / keywords to your search, and +include or –exclude any number of tags and words (not only clickable tags).  You can also type in the names of people, places, organizations, web links, file names, checksums, isbn numbers, or anything else to be found in the TB-KC Database.

( also see this technical summary of the filter syntax )

Please note the Timebank Knowledge Commons Library is very under construction!  Many items still need accurate descriptions and tb-tags, and you're invited to add your Timebank or Support Organization to the database if it's not listed.  See notes below.

Resource Directory - timebanks, projects, orgs, tools
Tags for currently available and active timebanking resources

tb-timebank - timebanks  (find timebanks)
tb-project - timebank-related projects

tb-blog - news / blogs about timebanking
tb-calendar - calendars with timebank gatherings workshops etc
tb-discussion - coordinator discussion / support forums

tb-support - timebank support organizations & consultants
    tb-training - coordinator peer training & mentoring
    tb-alliance - alliances / federations of timebanks
    tb-internet - timebank internet service providers
    tb-software - timebanking / collaboration software

tb-network - resource connections & directories
tb-library - document libraries for timebanking

Timebank Purpose - vision, mission, projects, goals, focus
neighbor - neighbor-to-neighbor
community - community building
culture - arts, culture, history, etc

government services & collaborations
emergency and disaster management
health and health-care

elder, family, youth, school, labor, disability, veteran, homeless, immigration, justice, social-reform, monetary-reform, sustainable, well-being, transformation, ...

Timebank Operations - outreach, members, coordinators
Tags related to everyday timebank operations

tb-outreach - for potential members / strategies / sample docs
    publicity - via popular media (tv radio news mags etc)
    newsletter - about / sample docs
    potluck - about potlucks etc
    tb-faq - frequently asked questions

tb-member - for timebank members
    handbook - member handbooks / policies
    signup - new member applications / samples
    orientation - about / docs
    tb-game - games for training / orientation
    tb-org - for / about timebank organizational members

tb-coord - for timebank coordinators
    guidelines - coordinator guidelines / manuals
    best-practices - timebanking best practices
    problems - operations problems
    evaluation - feedback on operations / sample docs

tb-discussion - discussion / support forums for coords
tb-training - peer training & mentoring for coords

Admin & Support - startup, legal, financial, governance
Tags related to timebank administration and organizational support

tb-admin - for timebank administrators
tb-startup - starting a timebank
tb-game - games for training / orientation

tb-legal - timebank legal considerations
    tos - terms of service / samples
    safety - member safety privacy etc
    insurance - about / sample docs
    tax - tax issues / history / docs

tb-financial - organizational finances
    budget - about / sample docs
    tb-funding - about fundraising / samples
    grant - about grants / writing / samples

tb-governance - organizational governance
    bylaws - about bylaws / sample docs
    nonprofit ngo - non-profit orgs / sample docs
    coop - co-operative orgs / sample docs

Audience - interests, presentation, density, language, etc
tb-outreach - for potential timebank members
tb-member - for timebank members
tb-coord - for timebank coordinators

tb-admin - for timebank administrators
tb-funding - for supporters / fundraising
tb-research - academic / reference / history

tb-easy - light / intro materials
tb-how-to - practical guides / instructions
tb-technical - expert / deep-dive stuff

  Locations - continents / countries
Learning & Research - concepts, presentation, history
Tags related to education about timebanking

tb-learning - learning about timebanking
tb-research - academic studies / analysis
best-practices - timebanking best practices

tb-easy - light / intro materials
tb-how-to - practical guides / instructions
tb-technical - expert / deep-dive stuff

tb-concepts - timebanking concepts
    core-values - core values of timebanking
    core-economy - the invisible/core economy
    co-production - co-production

tb-purpose - about vision mission goals focus

tb-stories - case-histories / stories about timebanking
tb-interview - interviews
tb-presentation - presentations
tb-workshop - workshops / trainings
tb-game - games for training / orientation

tb-report - project / event / summary reports
tb-history - historical info about timebanking

Documents & Media - content and format
web - websites & webpages

pdf - pdf files
ppt - powerpoint files

text, graphic, cartoon, photo, video, audio - is or contains

data - is or contains tables charts graphs
transcript - text transcribed from audio

links - internet references / web links
biblio - print references / bibliographies

book - printed books
print - printed magazines posters etc
disk - physical tapes cd's dvd's etc

sz-b, sz-kb, sz-mb, sz-gb - file sizes

Permissions / Copyright - least to most restrictive
About (cc) licenses, see 

public-domain - no rights reserved (note)
cc-by       (cc) attribution only
cc-by-sa     (cc) attribution share-alike
cc-by-nc-sa    (cc) by-sa + non-commercial

cc-by-nd     (cc) attribution no-derivs
cc-by-nc-nd    (cc) by-nd + non-commercial
fair-use   for education
copyright   (c) all rights reserved

private-access - do not distribute


Tags for TB-KC Contributors & Librarians

todo-info - info needed
todo-link - links or uploads needed
todo-edit - items to edit (librarians only)


If you're writing an article or blog somewhere, and linking to a resource / document which is listed / mirrored in the Timebank Knowledge Commons, there are some benefits you can give your readers with a secondary "(tb-kc)" link after your primary link.   (if the resource or document is not already in the TB-KC, you can add it here)

Your reader can click the secondary link to search the TB-KC Library for alternate links or websites, in case the primary link is ever broken (if the item is renamed or moved or deleted, website down etc).  Also you can direct your reader with a search for related items in the TB-KC, current or future.

Here are some examples of using a secondary link (tb-kc),
    The Co-Production Principle and Time Dollars, by David Boyle  (tb-kc)
    The Co-Production Principle and Time Dollars, by David Boyle  (tb-kc)
    The Co-Production Principle and Time Dollars, by David Boyle  (tb-kc)

The primary link is the same in all examples, and goes directly to the document in a new window,

In the first example, (tb-kc) is in standard form for finding a TB-KC doc filename "author-year-title",

In the second example, (tb-kc) is a customized specific search for relevant names, words, or tags - in this case variations of "co-production" and the author's last name,

In the third example, (tb-kc) simply links to the whole TB-KC Library,

( also see TB-KC Toolkit articles for more examples )

Notes  -  The shared Timebank Knowledge Commons database is under construction while we continue collecting links for the TB-KC Resource Directory and making documents available in the TB-KC Document Library. 

If you'd like to help build the Knowledge Commons, you're invited to add your Timebank or Support Organization, or update your info if it's already listed.  Please upload documents, links, and info here, and contact us or join the TB-KC working group here, thanks!

This website is a "co-mirror" for the Knit-a-Network Timebank Knowledge Commons Project.  The shared TB-KC database and technical assistance are available for Knit-a-Network members who wish to host alternative or mirror copies of the Timebank Knowledge Commons Library.  Here are some TB-KC co-mirror sites... we're all in-progress, and not necessarily in-sync!

this tb-kc mirror site is provided by metasofa media co-op  -  creative commons (cc) by-nc-sa / each doc as noted  -  updated 2018-11-03