95 Alláh'u'Abhá's

solo zikr by Lydia Mills  (from Acompáñame a Servir, 2011)

original - lydia-mills-2011-allahu-abha-95x-orig.mp3  (audio 192kb/s 4.7mb)  3:24

3-layer remix - lydia-mills-2011-allahu-abha-95x3-cv.mp3  (audio 192kb/s 4.7mb)  3:24

the upper original track is Lydia Mills' simply beautiful rendition of the traditional Baha'i prayer, Allah'u'Abha 95 times.

the lower track is a plain 3-layer remix of the original.  three identical layers are offset by one phrase (4x Allah'u'Abha), with the added layers faded-in near the beginning, and faded-out near the end.  there is no other processing or editing...  the resulting splendor and subtlety is all due to Lydia Mills!

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