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Date:  2018 Dec 22 Sat 10:48 -0700
From:  chris vansprouts <vansprouts at mac dot com>
Subject:  happy holidays and may bees be with you !

dear metasofa friends & family,

may there be bees on earth, and may bees be with you!

i hope you will enjoy this new webpage re world peace and ecology, the internet and linguistics, and possibly spiritual consciousness.

blue bees - world bees  -

    with a gathering of bees from all around the world,  (really, hundreds of words for "bee" in various languages, with links to the "bee" articles in 100+ language-culture sites across wikipedia, see below)

    and a small sound piece called "blue bees"  (possible music genres - art, alternative, blues, easy listening, electronic, industrial, meditative, new age, religious, soundtrack, techno, trance :)

happy solstice full moon holidays, and best wishes for the new year!

e-love, chris

here are some of the world bees...  hold mouse over a word for it's language, see the webpage for links to wikipedia

  naħla     abelo     čebele     gwenynen     ong     մեղուներ     anthophila     býflugur     bienen     דבורים     на     ᐋᒨ     бжьэ     zuma     ᒥᓗᒋᐊᖅ     ผึ้ง     μέλισσα     tsísʼná     ფუტკრები     занбӯр     花蜂     tawon     bēo     boyong-boyong     ܕܒܫܬܐ     abeille   [blue-green-bee.png 23k]   སྦྲང་མ།     bizu     அந்தோபிலா     bijen     kumburuŋo     ღვებ     uru-yuki     ᏩᏚᎵᏏ     ハナバチ     मौरी     seillean     בין     मधुमक्षिका     pčela     wanyi     lebah     abèy     бджоли     벌(곤충)     momo     ⵜⵉⵣⵉⵣⵡⵉⵜ     lago-meli     iem  

Date:  2020 Jul 16 Thu 18:34 -0700  [with some updates here on the webpage]
From:  chris vansprouts < at>
Subject:  race unity videos & info - sat july 18 indigenous global prayer on zoom

dear metasofa friends & family,

first for those who didn't already know, there's an Inter-Generational Global Prayer zoom meeting this Saturday July 18th at noon mst/pdt, more info & links below...  almost 700 people from everywhere attended the previous June 20th Solstice Global Prayer, about half on video, half by phone, it was good.

also farther below, check out some of the online videos & writing & resources i've discovered along my humble ongoing path of learning about race justice and race unity, much with friends in the Baha'i Race Amity project since early this year.

this email began as a personal note to a few friends, but the subject is so important, i'm sending this out to everyone i know, including many connected with arts & education, mutual aid & timebanking, and other humanitarian work.

thanks for taking a look and focusing on racism, just for a moment, even if it seems obvious, or not personally relevant.  or, thank you for focusing me on racism!  i'm white & male, highly educated middle-class, unbelievably privileged, and i wasn't really paying enough attention.  now many mysteries are becoming clear...

now i'm listening carefully, bearing witness and learning truth about hundreds of years of racist mass terrorism and cruelty, along with sustained systemic oppression, denial, and injustice.  this is not only history, it's continuing yet today, and very destructively affecting everyone and everything in the world.

positively, actively, together we can stop racism.

thanks to everyone for whatever good we can do, and all we are doing!

with love, chris vansprouts

this email is a tiny cross-pollination project of, hopefully helping to connect friends & colleagues, activists, artists, academics, baha'is, buddhists, sufis, peer counseling, intentional communities, co-ops, mutual aid & timebanking, de-central peer-to-peer resilient grass-roots ecologies, technologies, projects, organizing & networking...

webpage of this email -  [with some updates]

July 18 Saturday - Inter-Generational Global Prayer on Zoom

12 noon to 2 pm MST/PDT (Tucson) = 3 to 5 pm EDT = 7 to 9 pm UTC/GMT

Join in sacred circle with Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Wisdom Keepers, Young Leaders, Youth, Children... offering prayer, song, ceremony, and sacred wisdom shared from many cultures and places in the world... to uplift, heal, transform, awaken, unify in these times of great transition, challenge and change...

  facebook event -
  zoom meeting - password 768145
  contact - thesacredwe(at)
  website -

Inter-Generational Global Prayer - 2020 July 18  [added here jul 24]
  video 2 hr 27 min -

Global Solstice Prayer - 2020 June 20  [added here jul 24]
  video 1 hr 58 min -

Race History, Race Justice, Race Amity, Race Unity

"There is one race, the human race."

An American Story: Race Amity and the Other Tradition - NCRA, 2014  [added here aug 14]
  preview 5 min -
  about -
  website -

Dr Joy DeGruy - Diversity Training Isn't Enough - Wilmette, 2020 June 2
  video 2 hrs -

Dr Joy DeGruy - A Trip to the Grocery Store - Cracking the Codes, 2011
  video 4 min -
  website -

Dr Robin DiAngelo - White Fragility Lecture - Oakland CA, 2019 June 25
  video 1 hr 43 min -
  article -
  website -

Peggy McIntosh PhD - White Privilege & Male Privilege - Wellesley, 1988-90
  article -
  article -
  about -

Derik Smith PhD - Centering the Pupil of the Eye - Wilmette, 2020 June 7
  video 1 hr 35 min -
  about -

Dr Omid Safi - Inayatiyya Forum on Race, Justice, Equity & Love - 2020 June 21
  video 31 min -
  website -

and Economics, Technology, Law, Politics

Jacqueline Battalora PhD JD - Invention of "White People" - 2014  [added here jul 24]
  video 36 min -
  about -

Shakti Butler PhD - Cracking the Codes - 2011  [added here aug 14]
  video 1 hr 20 min -
  website -

Dr Cornel West - on political choices - Al Jazeera, 2020 Sep 3  [added here sep 6]
  video 30 min -

Phil Vischer - Race in America - 2020 June 14  (comparative demographics)
  video 19 min -
  website -

Dr Ibram X Kendi - How to be an Antiracist - with Jemele Hill, 2019
  video 55 min -

Dr Ibram X Kendi - conversation with Danielle Wood - MIT Media Lab, 2019
  video 1 hr 35 min -
  website -

Ruha Benjamin PhD - From Park Bench to Lab Bench - TEDx Baltimore, 2015
  video 22 min -

Ruha Benjamin PhD - The Mourning After, A Dreamer’s Guide To Staying Woke - Princeton, 2017
  video 39 min -
  website -

Ruha Benjamin - Ethics & Race in Tech, conversation with Meredith Whittaker - 2020 June 1
  video 1 hr -
  website -
  website -

Mutual Aid and economic freedom, some local & internet resources

Darren Chapman & Dr George Brooks - Gardening While Black - AZ Interfaith Power & Light, 2020 Nov 22  [added here nov 29]
  video 1 hr 8 min -
  website -
  website -

Shareable - Racism is Anti-Sharing - 2020 June 3
  article -
  website -

Mutual Aid Networks - We are The MAN - 2016
  video 2 min -
  article -
  website -

Dean Spade - A Mutual Aid Explainer - 2019 July 9  (contains just a few seconds of appropriate profanity)
  video 8 min -
  website -

Mutual Aid Distaster Relief - Radically Redistributing Mutual Aid - 2020 June 10
  article -
  website -

Chris Vansprouts - A (most radical) Remedy for Global Economic Desperation - Wilmette, 2019
  article -
  website -

SAME Café - So All May Eat  (non-profit restaurant in Denver CO since 2006)
  video 5 min -
  website -

Tucson Food Share (new since covid, getting the word out!) - Sharing free groceries in solidarity with our neighbors - Tucson Food Share was created by Food Not Bombs Tucson, a loosely organized collective of Tucsonans who come together out of empathy and respect for all of our neighbors.  We feel honored to share food freely with anyone who wants it, regardless of their appearance or life circumstances (no documentation required).  Most of our food is generously donated by local grocers and farmers who support this mission.

  pickup - Mondays & Thursdays 6-8 pm, Saturdays 8-10 am  [updated 2020 jul 24, oct 31, 2021 apr 29]
  location - 2500 N Stone Av, Tucson AZ (1 block north of Grant)  [was at Tallboys on 4th Av before 2020 oct 31, was at 101 E Ventura before 2021 may 1]
  delivery - within 12 miles, if you can't pick up - see website
  contact - 520-222-9242 or tucsonfoodshare(at)
  website -

Tucson Timetraders Timebank - community timebank & local resource directory (250 members, hundreds of pre-covid offers & requests posted)
  website -

Timebank Knowledge Commons - free online library & global resource directory (200 documents, videos, websites)
  find mutual-aid or share -
  find emergency resilience sustainable -
  website -

Date:  2020 Oct 6 Tue 06:17 -0700
From:  slave47656374198
Re:  race unity videos & info - sat july 18 indigenous global prayer on zoom

Thank you for writing from your heart, and posting your list of educational resources for anti-racism.  And thanks for A Remedy for Global Economic Desperation.

It's becoming very obvious that it's time for the "OWNERS" to give back what they have taken from every person's labor and the Earth's eco-system over hundreds & thousands of years.  Here is my plea to the "OWNERS".


With lots of practice over the centuries, your power & money games have become most refined & efficient, you've divided & conquered, tricked millions & billions of people into unfair "legal" agreements, or simply bullied them (against each other), always to your advantage.

You've had some nice, long, profitable game runs - serfdom, empire, black slavery, industrial revolution, world wars, nuclear cold war, global warming, agri-chemical & genetic engineering global ecocide, globalized indigent labor markets, and now global eugenics & "medical" id-tagging of your billions of beasts of burden...

You've proven without a doubt that you are the top Game Masters and Dominators of this planet, so okay, you can stop now.

It's a good time to STOP your games, GIVE BACK what you have "borrowed" (everything), and REPAIR THE DAMAGES (if you can).

And APOLOGIZE to everyone, wretchedly begging forgiveness of God and human, of the Earth and all beings.

Best wishes,
Yet another nameless traumatized slave

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