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Date:  2017 Dec 22 Fri 12:24 -0700
From:  chris vansprouts <vansprouts at mac dot com>
To:  bcc to metasofa friends family <metasofa at mac dot com>
Subject:  holiday greetings - virtual gifts - need any help?

dear metasofa friends & family,

best wishes for the holidays and new year!

here are some virtual metasofa gifts for the holiday season and onward...

metasofa sun-moon-earth clock (aka moon-clock)

metasofa timebank (aka tucson time traders)

via the timebank, i've been providing help with internet and computer stuff, photography, music, electronics, bike repair, home handy-work, gardening, watering, house & pet sitting...

currently due to a small financial emergency, i'm also looking for a bit of paid work.  please let me know if you'd like help with any of the above, thanks!


chris vansprouts
   may all computers and users be well and happy

Date:  2018 Feb 25 Sun 12:34 -0700
From:  chris vansprouts

dear metasofa friends & family,

huge thanks for the paid work and gifts you've so kindly provided during the past couple of months.  with your help, i've succeeded in meeting expenses thru the end of february, and have been able to continue other important but unpaid work.

for march and april, i need to raise about as much again, and hopefully things will get easier after that...  would you please keep me in mind, and let me know if there's anything i can do for you.  (and also if you're interested in the metasofa projects, links below)

chris vansprouts

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