invitation to the comfy metasofa !

if you agree that

all people, all creatures, all beings
even those not obviously sentient

recognition, communication, cooperation

(not to be manipulated as unconscious objects
 nor 'taken advantage of' as 'natural resources')

and this

people of all ages
even those not yet born

full respect and kindness

access to complete
and accurate information

the best possible environment and tools for
learning, creating, communicating

we'd like to hear from you !

if you could send the best of

the experience and power
you have now

back through time
to yourself as child or infant,

how would things be different ?

that's what we're discovering
and helping others to discover...

we're looking for

ethical business partners
generous benefactors
creative collaborators

to help grow some larger projects

which may be described as
educational, experiential, creative, play !

games, puzzles, gadgets, tools
all shapes and sizes

from friendly little toys
easy enough for a new baby
to really big toys for larger folk

fantastic musical instruments

hyper-dimensional turtle geometry
and organic flight simulators

virtual-realities and virtual communities
with friends scattered around the planet

real-time network games
with all the players in one big room

real live multi-media light music dance

we have all the time in the universe

plenty of work and play
for those who want it

please join us
or invite us to join you
as soon as whenever

chris vansprouts <metasofa at mac dot com>

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