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  "necessity is the father of invention.  (sophia is the mother)"  -cv

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  sun-moon-earth clock - mickey-mouse watch of the ancient astronauts

        lunar calendar - a roman-to-lunar conversion calendar for everyday use

virtual refrig door - with some stuff we've created in the artists workshops

        metagame artists wildlife refuge - posted!

        meta metta - a prayer for the return of freedom & beauty in this world

        some quotes about, well... didn't anybody tell you?

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We're forming an egalitarian intentional community and experiential educational environment in support of transcendent creativity.

Cultural diversity with spiritual consciousness is essential - welcoming each other with respect, kindness, learning and understanding.  This also includes people of all ages and abilities, and of any economic status.

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Peer-Support Workshops - for working & aspiring artists in any media, who live and work in spiritual consciousness -

Healthy Food Workshops - to provide simple, true, and practical information and experience in this field -

Transcendent Movie Nights - free informal gatherings to share our favorite and "transcendent" movies -

Time Banking - we're facilitating Tucson Time Traders and other timebanking groups by providing this website & software on our "organic grassroots cloud" of community-owned linux webservers - see and

Websites - we're also providing free webspace & tech help for transcendent artists & non-profit orgs, see,,,,,

Long-Range Projects in development (see wanted below) - Bike Hostels, Backyard Agriculture designs-prototypes, Solar Electric Bicycles design-repair co-op, Alternative Media Production & computer-electronics repair co-op

email - metasofa(at)

Locations, funding, and collaborators to help develop these long-range projects...

Intentional Community and Bike Hostels - we're in search of urban and rural locations in & around Tucson and northern New Mexico, along existing or potential long-distance bike routes, so we can provide basic accommodations for community members, guests, travelers - hostel beds, shower-bath-sauna, cheap & healthy dining, internet cafe, library, movie theatre, etc

Backyard Agriculture - prototype systems for organic gardens / composting / greenhouse domes / rainwater harvesting

Solar Electric Bicycles - solar / pedal electric bike / cart design & repair co-op (and other human-powered / lightweight vehicles)

Alternative Media Production - audio / video / web / media production, and computer / electronics repair co-op

also see and

email - metasofa(at)

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